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Timeless Limited Editions

Timeless Limited

Art as a lifestyle

Virginie Guarisco

After fifteen years of travelling through the codes of a Bohemian-Chic imagination, Virginie Guarisco, the creator of the ready-to-wear brands virginie castaway and my sunday morning, has settled down at Château de ma Mère.

A timeless place where the abundance and benevolence of Mother Nature reigns. From this universe, cradled by harmony and the pleasure of living, was born the taste for Art and the desire for timeless collections published in limited series.

"It was when my desire to approach fashion more consciously crossed paths with my curiosity for a new form of artistic expression: watercolours, that an ethical micro-collection of t-shirts made in Portugal from recycled cotton / organic cotton was born.
The idea being to integrate Art in our daily life, each of the presented models expresses itself with the prints coming from my paintings."

An eco friendly project which combines Well-being, Aestheticism and Creativity.
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